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Thursday, 10 February 2011

ACS:Law told file-sharing case must continue by court

A controversial law firm that sent letters to alleged illegal file sharers has been told it cannot drop its cases to "avoid public scrutiny".
ACS:Law contacted thousands of people accusing them of illegally downloading movies and songs and demanding payments of £500 to avoid court action.
Cases against 26 of them proceeded, before the company attempted to pull out of prosecution at the last minute.
Now a judge had criticised the firm for its methods.
"I cannot imagine a system better designed to create disincentives to test the issues in court," said Judge Colin Birss at the Patents County Court in London.
The case stems from a letter-writing campaign by ACS:Law and its partner company MediaCAT, which sent an undisclosed number of notices to alleged file sharers demanding they pay a fine or face the prospect of costly legal action.
Some of those contacted paid up, but it later emerged that the two companies had been taking 65% of the fines collected, with the minority of the money being passed back to the copyright holders in question, most of whom remain anonymous.
Those tactics - known as "speculative invoicing" - had come in for heavy criticism from those who claimed that the action was unfair.
Consumer group Which? said it had found several instances where plainly innocent people had received the demands.

what are your views on file sharing and the way the police and courts handle it?


  1. i dont think it should be handled by the courts or the police. what i do with my sequences of 1s and 0s is my own business and nobody else's.

    if i share a song and my friend likes it, there's a chance they will go see the artist in concert, and the artist will get more money. this strikes me as a good thing.

    the companies that mass market CDs may get hurt by this process, but i fail to care. i support good artists and dont care about record companies, the mpaa or similar organizations.

  2. legal to burn and copy a cd to give to a friend. illegal to share over the internet. yay laws

  3. well, that's probably because it's less likely that a friend will have every cd you could ever want to have, unlike the internet...

    it's wrong, plain and simple. i still dl all my movies and music. i haven't paid for a cd or a movie in god knows how long

  4. MTV cribs would be the reason people (not me) download illegaly

  5. BlogTroll, that was my arguement one day. Someone was trying to talk about how another one of my friends shouldn't pirate the Metallica discography, I had to chime in and just point out that I don't believe Lars needs another mansion with 7 pools and 36 bathrooms made of gold and platinum

  6. Better stop my seeding then

  7. give this shit a rest already. companies still make boot loads of cash with file sharing everywhere and you will never stop it.

  8. like the guy above me said, even with the ubiquity of torrents/online streaming sites, everyone (film & television studios, actors, record companies, musicians) still makes a shit ton of money